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Pam Gerstman is a Registered Dietitian (RD) and a Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist (CDN) who teaches clients how to make life style changes with smart decisions concerning daily eating habits. Success is attained not with quick fixes, but instead through intelligent nutrition and physical fitness; clients use their knowledge to gain self confidence with lasting results.

Understanding how to make changes will lead to big benefits. Sometimes these changes can be with ingredients, other times with portion sizes and always with mindful eating. Clients learn to keep things simple and look at small changes that pack powerful results that will last. By creating awareness, you will eat well, enjoy life and attain the mind body balance that you desire.

Pam will show you how a realistic daily exercise plan combines with a recorded food diary to raise your own standards and reach for new goals.

Her private practice is located conveniently in Garden City NY (Nassau County) and she offers flexible scheduling to accommodate even the busiest schedules of children, teens and adults. As a busy mom of four children, Pam walks the talk with her passion for healthy cooking and her own realistic exercise program. Allow her to motivate you as you journey through life feeling healthier and looking great as you enjoy life with family and friends.


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